Love is the most natural feeling

Love is the most natural feeling

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The beauty of the great outdoors is the perfect setting for a celebration of love.

How we met

We met in Orlando, Florida. I had just moved to FL for my job and when we met it was an instant connection that neither of us had ever felt before. It took us three years to finally become a couple because we were so intimidated by what we felt for each other but we knew it wasn’t ever going to stop.

The proposal story

We had been together for 2.5 years and had moved to Oregon for my job at the dog rescue. We hadn’t had a break in a while so she convinced me to take a few days off and go to Silver Falls National Park for some time together. After hiking through a cave with a gorgeous, giant water fall, we perched ourselves up on a cliff, leaning against a tree and overlooking the water. We got out a book and started reading. A little while in she pulled out a box that had a bunch of tiny scrolls with wax seals. Each scroll had a beautiful or sweet quote about love from different books. When I got to the last scroll, it said “Will you marry me?” And she pulled out the ring box and proposed. Of course I said “Yes!” We were engaged for 5 years before we finally got married. It was the absolute perfect elopement in the woods, as if it was the one we had dreamed of!

The lovely couple married in the most beautiful scenery available to us all - forest. It can not get any more dreamier than this.

We are glad that we can be a part of this love story through our ring seen above - the Moss Agate kite ring matching the environment perfectly.

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