The Capucinne Christmas Jewelry Gift Guide

The Capucinne Christmas Jewelry Gift Guide

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Few gifts are splashier than a piece of fine Christmas jewelry for the holidays. Fine jewelry isn’t just for weddings and engagements: It’s a stylish way of celebrating the festive season. Think big family dinners, holiday parties, fine dining—or wear it for special occasions all year round.

Our Christmas Jewelry Gift Guide will help you quickly and easily figure out what you’re looking for. Let’s get started.

If You Need Something Right Now…

Check out our Ready to Ship Collection. We can get it in the mail immediately. If you have concerns about availability or shipping times, contact us before placing your order.

Customize Anything You Want

At Capucinne, we specialize in jewelry customizations. Every piece we sell can be customized to your heart’s desire.

  • Switch out gemstones
  • Add gem clusters or rearrange their placement
  • Resize any piece
  • Alter the design of a jewelry piece
  • Create a new piece of jewelry from your vision

Types of Fine Jewelry

We craft all of the common types of fine jewelry, available in your choice of 14k or 18k yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or pure platinum.

Rings Bracelets & Bangles Necklaces Earrings
Maximum elegance That ol’ razzle-dazzle Make outfits pop Light up any face

Flashy, splendid, and popular rings are an excellent Christmas jewelry gift choice.

Our engagement rings feature some of our best work, and don’t have to be just for engagements.

A good luck charm worldwide—and quite possibly the most fun jewelry to wear.

Our name and signature bracelets are a very popular, personalized Christmas jewelry option.

Choose a necklace of simple gold or one with diamonds or other gemstones.

Our diamond necklaces are breathtaking works of art. As a gift, they will not disappoint.

Many people dream of owning their first pair of fine earrings.

Our gemstone earrings are an economical way to give the gift of authentic fine jewelry.

Explore Rings Explore Bracelets Explore Necklaces Explore Earrings

How to Choose Holiday Jewelry

We’ve heard from many customers over the years who bought gifts from us as holiday presents, and these tend to fall into three categories of Christmas jewelry gifts.

For Big Impressions, Get a Solitaire.

This pear diamond solitaire necklace by Capucinne shows off the beauty of solitaire jewelry.

“Solitaire” means one big gemstone all by itself. We create solitaire rings, bracelets, and necklaces. If you want our No. 1 recommendation for this entire jewelry gift guide, a solitaire ring is very hard to beat. Shop solitaires.

For a Christmas Fairytale, Get Vintage-Inspired.

This vintage-inspired piece of Christmas jewelry by Capucinne features an oval alexandrite, diamond accents, and gold filigree.

“Vintage” refers to the early-to-middle 20th-century art design trends that we still associate with Christmas jewelry to this day. Since our jewelry is new (not actually from the 1950s), we call it “vintage-inspired” or “vintage-style.” Shop vintage.

For Something Personal, Get an Engraving or a Name Piece.

A Capcuinne personalized name bracelet that says “Chloe,” with an emerald in the “O.”

All of our jewelry pieces that are big enough for an inscription can be engraved with custom text, such as a name, a birthdate, or (space permitting) a short message. If a piece is eligible, it will have an “Engraving” checkbox beneath the “Material” dropdown menu.

Alternatively, our name bracelets and name necklaces feature a custom text of your choice such as names, dates, etc. as part of the design.

Eco-Friendly is a Good Christmas Present

Our Christmas Jewelry Gift Guide wouldn’t be complete without sharing our commitment to ethical jewelry:

  • Our jewelry uses 100% recycled precious metals—no new mining required.
  • You can choose lab-grown gemstones for our jewelry—no new mining required.
  • We source all of our mined gemstones only from reputable sellers who deal with mines that have acceptable standards in place on worker treatment and the environment.
  • All of our mined diamonds are certified conflict-free, helping to stamp out the flow of diamond money into arms and violence.

Capucinne Jewelry Brings Holiday Cheers & Tears of Joy

If you have any questions about this jewelry gift guide or need more help choosing the right peace, get in touch with us. You’ll be able to interact directly with our designers, and we are happy to help you.

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