About us

Originally founded as an Etsy shop in Slovenia in 2016, Capucinne has grown to become a top-rated fine jeweler that serves customers across the world.

We specialize in fine gold jewelry and are well known for our colorful, whimsical engagement and wedding rings. Let our imaginative pieces tap into your sense of wonder, nurture a feeling of joy, and bring out the beauty that is already inside of you!

Customizations & Commissions

Capucinne is unique in the fine jewelry industry because of our ability to offer extensive customization options as well as fully one-of-a-kind pieces.

If you have a customization or an original vision in mind, talk to us and we will guide you through the process. We offer illustrations, 3D renders, and technical advice to help you visualize the final product and ensure you receive the piece of your dreams

Capturing Your Fancy

Our jewelry combines artistry and craftsmanship to create a masterpiece like nothing you’ve ever seen.

  • The Artistry: Our designs have an irresistible spirit and a fresh sense of play, capturing the essence of youthfulness, imagination, and hope while upholding the dignity and sophistication that make fine jewelry so beautiful.
  • The Craftsmanship: Our metalworkers and stone setters are skilled at getting a smooth, even texture in the precious metal bands that embellish our jewelry. We only use high-quality gemstones that are carefully and individually sourced to meet your wishes and our high standards of production.

You’ll Be Glad You Chose Capucinne

We recognize that fine jewelry is a very special kind of purchase. Many people only buy a few pieces in their entire lifetimes! Because we want you to have the jewelry of your dreams, we’re committed to working with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. At any point in the process, if you have a question or a request, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Here are some of the other reasons to choose Capucinne:

  • We offer free worldwide shipping, fully expedited and insured! Learn more about our shipping and return policies.
  • We guarantee conflict-free diamonds so you can admire your jewelry without worrying about supporting the dark side of the diamond industry.
  • We have 4,000+ five-star reviews by happy customers. Come visit us on Instagram and see for yourself!
  • We stand by our work. At Capucinne, your satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • We use recycled precious metals. Recycled materials are just as high in quality after being melted down and reformed but make the industry more sustainable. Learn more about our recycling program.
  • We offer a free moissanite 14K bracelet for orders over $5,000! Learn more!
  • Refer a friend to get $50 off your next order.
  • We accept several cryptocurrencies alongside more traditional payment options.

Meet Our Team

Our team works hard at making sure our customers are satisfied with the end result. Nothing makes us happier than being a part of your love story.

Manager and Owner


Manager and Owner

The man that holds it all together, Primož is the owner and manager of Capucinne. Responsible for finances and overseeing the processes carried out in our studio, he makes sure Capucinne lives up to its reputation by giving customers the finely crafted jewelry they deserve.

Founder and Lead Designer


Founder and Lead Designer

Founder and lead designer, Maja is the creative soul behind Capucinne. With an instinct for design and foresight for trends, Maja designs all of our fine jewelry and works with clients on making their dream engagement ring a reality.




Paperwork may be a bore for most, but not for our accountant Darja. She diligently oversees all accounting and administration and resolves most of our customs issues. Bless her!



Metalwork, Maker, Stonesetter

The heart of our brand is our workshop, and Marko is in charge of the work processes there. He also performs most of the stone setting and takes personal ownership of the most technically challenging or difficult pieces.

Metalwork maker


Metalwork, Maker

Bringing out that extra sparkle in our pieces, Živa does shaping, brushing, and polishing of our solid gold pieces and also helps with some of the custom-ordered items. A trick up her sleeve? Making extraordinary raw and unique rings.

Metalwork, Maker, Stonesetter


Metalwork, Maker, Stonesetter

Mitja not only does shaping, brushing, and polishing of solid gold pieces: he also does gemstone setting into your designs and is the "final touch" executor for most of our pieces.

Metalwork maker


Metalwork, Maker

Martin does shaping, brushing, and polishing of our solid gold pieces. He also helps with some of the custom-ordered items.

Gemstone supply


Product Manager

A true gem hunter, Anej sources conflict-free gemstones from all around the world for our custom pieces as well as our fine jewelry. By looking out for special and rare precious stones, he is in a way our very own Indiana Jones.

Customer Service


Customer Service

The starting point of all our orders is Vida. In charge of our impeccable customer service she makes sure clients wishes and budgets are met and later on brought to life with an extra dose of magic and sparkle.

3D designer


3D Designer

Matic came like a breath of fresh air, helping Črt and Hana with new 3d designs and previews for our clients.

Metalwork, Maker


Metalwork, Maker

Blaž helps our team of expert goldsmiths with shaping, brushing and polishing our solid gold pieces.

Production Manager, Inventory Control


Production Manager, Inventory Control

Dolores manages the inventory, sometimes communicates with customs and is in charge of the smooth production and quality control of solid gold pieces.

IT/Web manager


IT/Web manager

Jernej is in charge of the website code, bug fixing and communication with other brands regarding any IT related stuff.