Perfect Spring Proposal: Top 6 Expert Proposal Tips

This weekend we celebrated Proposal Day! March 20 marks the first day of spring and new beginnings. A beautiful day full of meaning and filled with love. For those looking to take the next step in their relationship, now it's the ideal time to start planning your spring or summer proposal. First, start with the ring!  

To help you out, we’ve put together some expert proposal tips to help you plan the most special engagement proposal ever.

1. Listen to your partner’s wishes

Keep in mind her favorite season or month, places that are special to her. Ask her about favorite colors and shapes.

2. Get the idea about the right engagement ring

Engagement ring is a piece of jewelry she will wear for the rest of her life so it has to be perfect. Try to get some photos of the rings she wears, check her Pinterest pins (if she is thinking about engagement she’s definitely got a special proposal board), and ask her closest friends - they will for sure know what she wants! 

Salt and pepper diamond rings

3. Choose the perfect ring

When you’ve rounded up some ideas we will help you out with the rest. Together we can find an existing design that she will love or even design a custom ring that she will adore. Check also our guide on ring sizes. 

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Pear shaped pink diamond ring set

4. Make sure your ring is all set well in advance

If you wish to propose with a custom ring you should start thinking about it at least 10 weeks prior to the big day. Once the design is confirmed, your ring goes into production and will arrive in 7-8 weeks.

Couple holding hands

5. Plan the special day

Now that you’ve covered the ring it’s time to plan your proposal day. Is she a private person or would she love a grand gesture like a surprise party with friends and family? Keep in mind that she will probably want to cherish this moment forever, so book a photographer or call one of your friends to document this special moment. 

6. Don’t forget to share your love story with us! 

Share your special moment and tag #Capucinnelovestories on Instagram or send us your photos to for a chance to be featured.

Couple embracing each other

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