What is Moissanite? Unveiling a Gem with Timeless Elegance

What is Moissanite? An enigmatic gem with a celestial history and an allure that rivals traditional diamonds. Discovered by French scientist Henri Moissan in 1893, it has an origin that's truly out of this world. Join us on an enthralling journey through the universe of moissanite, a gemstone with cosmic roots and remarkable attributes. 

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This exploration will take you through a comprehensive comparison with diamonds, delving into aspects like durability, brilliance, color, pricing, and the ethical sourcing of moissanite. It's a journey that will equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision when selecting your next piece of jewelry. But, beyond its physical characteristics, moissanite holds a deeper significance as a sustainable and ethically sourced gem. So, what is moissanite, really? Let's unveil its cosmic secrets and timeless elegance.

Chapter 1: The Celestial genesis of Moissanite

The remarkable journey of moissanite commences with the serendipitous discovery of this extraordinary gem by Henri Moissan in 1893. Found within a meteorite-created crater in Arizona, the microscopic crystals initially baffled scientists. They bore an uncanny resemblance to diamonds but were later identified as silicon carbide. Natural moissanite’s extreme rarity led to the development of lab-grown moissanite, now one of the most radiant gemstones worldwide.

The celestial origins of moissanite infuse it with an enchanting mystique. Its connection to the cosmos serves as a marvelous reminder of the universe’s grandeur, making moissanite more than a gemstone; it’s a cosmic wonder, a testament to the beauty that emerges from the depths of the cosmos.

Chapter 2: Moissanite vs. Diamond - A Comprehensive Comparison

This section embarks on a comprehensive analysis of moissanite and diamonds, delving into essential attributes such as durability, brilliance, color, pricing, and the historical significance of moissanite. This knowledge equips you with the insight needed to make an educated choice when selecting your next piece of jewelry.


Durability, assessed using the Mohs Scale of Hardness, places moissanite at an impressive 9.25, rendering it suitable for everyday wear. Diamonds, with a perfect score of 10, remain the ultimate choice for engagement ring centerpieces. 

Understanding the Mohs Scale of Hardness is vital when considering a gemstone for daily wear. Moissanite’s excellent durability means it can withstand the rigors of everyday life without losing its luster. This resilience is especially valuable for engagement rings and other frequently worn jewelry pieces.


Brilliance, the reflection of light within a gem, is a defining factor in a gem’s visual appeal. Moissanites exhibit a distinctive brilliance owing to their unique faceting pattern, which results in fiery, rainbow flashes. Some individuals adore this feature, while others perceive it as creating a "disco ball" effect, especially in sunlight. Moissanite boasts a refractive index ranging from 2.65 to 2.69, surpassing that of natural diamonds. In contrast, diamonds showcase a classic brilliance characterized by white light reflection, color dispersion, and scintillation, which collectively contribute to their renowned sparkle.

Moissanite's unique brilliance sets it apart from diamonds. This distinct play of light under various conditions creates a captivating gem that captures attention and sparks conversations. But the brilliance of moissanite extends beyond its visual appeal. It has a fascinating historical significance. Named after its discoverer, Henri Moissan, it is the only gem in the world to be named after a scientist. This gem honors Moissan's groundbreaking work in the field of chemistry and serves as a reminder of the incredible discoveries that can emerge from scientific inquiry.


The presence or absence of color within a gemstone, known as its color grade, is a key factor in its assessment.

Although moissanites are often described as "colorless," they may exhibit a subtle yellow or grayish tint under specific lighting conditions. The degree of color visibility varies with size. In contrast, colorless diamonds, whether natural or lab-created, shine with a brilliant white appearance, completely devoid of any traces of yellow, brown, or gray.

The subtle variations in moissanite's color add depth and complexity to the gem. This makes it a versatile choice for jewelry, as it can complement various metals and styles while reflecting your unique tastes.


One of the most notable features of moissanite is its affordability. Moissanite gems are significantly more budget-friendly than diamonds of equivalent size. Moissanite prices primarily fluctuate based on size and whether they belong to the Premium or Super Premium categories. In comparison, the cost of natural diamonds and lab-created diamonds is influenced by factors such as shape, carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. Lab-created diamonds offer a more economical alternative to natural diamonds.

Moissanite's cost-effectiveness is a significant draw for those who desire a sizeable and striking gem without incurring the substantial expense associated with diamonds. This affordability enables you to choose larger stones or more intricate designs, catering to your aesthetic preferences.


An aspect that sets moissanite apart is its ethical sourcing. As lab-created gemstones, they obviate the need for environmentally taxing mining practices. Moissanites come with a smaller carbon footprint and less environmental impact, especially when coupled with recycled metals, thereby making them a conscientious choice for both style and the environment.

With sustainability becoming a central concern for many consumers, moissanite offers a responsible choice that aligns with eco-conscious living. Its minimal impact on the environment and ethical sourcing underscore the importance of making sustainable choices in the world of jewelry.

Chapter 3: The Origin Tale of Moissanite

The unique origins of moissanite differentiate it from conventional gemstones. Cultivated within controlled laboratory environments using advanced technology, moissanite exemplifies a sustainable approach to jewelry production. Its origins are easily traceable, underscoring its suitability for those who seek ethically responsible and eco-friendly jewelry options. When paired with recycled metals, moissanites epitomize a conscious choice for both your style and the environment.

The traceability and sustainability of moissanite are essential attributes that highlight its value. By choosing moissanite, you are making a statement about your commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible choices, which adds depth and significance to your jewelry.

Chapter 4: Selecting the Perfect Moissanite

Choosing the ideal moissanite gem is a pivotal decision. Unlike diamonds, moissanites are primarily graded based on color since their cut and clarity grades remain consistent across various qualities. At Capucinne, we offer two primary moissanite categories: Premium and Super Premium. Premium moissanites present near-colorless beauty, akin to a G or H on the 4 C's scale, while Super Premium moissanites fall within the D-F range, exhibiting a breathtaking colorless appearance.

The choice between Premium and Super Premium moissanites allows for a personalized approach to your jewelry. Your selection can be tailored to match your preferred aesthetic, whether you lean toward a completely colorless gem or one with a slight warmth.

Moreover, if you contemplate blending moissanites with natural diamond accents, rest assured that this harmonious combination results in striking jewelry pieces. Whether it's an alluring ring featuring an oval moissanite or a three-stone setting adorned with diamond accents, the amalgamation offers a matchless and enchanting jewelry experience.

Chapter 5: Exploring Diverse Diamond Alternatives

While moissanite remains a popular and cost-effective choice, it is not the sole alternative to conventional diamonds. In this section, we delve into another remarkable option.

Lab-Created Diamonds:

Lab-created diamonds offer an attractive choice, delivering affordability without sacrificing quality. Typically priced around 30% lower than their natural counterparts, lab-created diamonds possess identical physical, chemical, and optical properties to mined diamonds. They exhibit the same sparkle, fire, and scintillation, making them an enticing option for those seeking an eco-friendly gemstone that circumvents mining practices.

The world of gemstone alternatives is replete with captivating options. Lab-created diamonds provide an additional avenue for those seeking eco-conscious and budget-friendly jewelry. By exploring these alternatives, you open the door to a world of possibilities that cater to a diverse range of styles, preferences, and budgets.

Chapter 6: Enchanting Settings and Budget Considerations

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The selection of your jewelry setting significantly influences your budget and the overall visual impact of your piece. Opting for a smaller center diamond or moissanite while enhancing its visual appeal with intricate settings is a strategic approach. Smaller accent diamonds present a budget-friendly alternative to larger center stones. For an enchanting look that aligns with your budget, consider options like halo engagement rings, where the central gemstone is encircled by sparkling diamond accents, creating the illusion of a larger center stone. Another elegant choice is a three-stone setting, featuring smaller gemstones on each side of the central stone, elevating the overall elegance.

The choice of jewelry setting is the canvas upon which your gemstone dazzles. It serves as a reflection of your style, personality, and the narrative you wish to convey through your jewelry. Whether you opt for a classic solitaire setting, a vintage-inspired design, or a modern masterpiece, your choice of setting is a statement of individuality.

Chapter 7: The Timeless Allure of Moissanite

In this final chapter, we celebrate the timeless elegance of moissanite. Its unique combination of brilliance, affordability, and ethical sourcing renders it a gemstone of choice for those who seek both beauty and sustainability. Moissanite offers you a piece of the cosmos to adorn your finger, symbolizing your commitment to eco-conscious, responsible, and elegant living.

The enduring appeal of moissanite is a testament to its versatility and charm. This gem has withstood the test of time and continues to capture the hearts of those who appreciate its unique qualities. It serves as a reminder that beauty and responsibility can coexist harmoniously in the world of jewelry.

Capucinne’s Cosmic Collection of Moissanite Jewelry

Credit: Carlos Esteves on Unsplash

As we conclude this voyage through the captivating world of moissanite, we invite you to explore Capucinne's extraordinary collection of moissanite jewelry. Our dedication to crafting exquisite pieces that blend timeless elegance with modern aesthetics is evident in every design. The allure of moissanite takes center stage in our jewelry, offering you a cosmic gem that radiates brilliance and ethics.

Capucinne's moissanite collection encompasses an array of styles, from classic solitaire settings to intricate vintage-inspired designs and contemporary masterpieces. Our commitment to sustainable and eco-conscious practices extends to the selection of recycled metals, ensuring that each piece not only tells a unique story but also contributes to a more responsible planet.

Whether you seek a dazzling engagement ring, a breathtaking necklace, or a pair of elegant earrings, our moissanite collection embodies the perfect fusion of beauty and responsibility. It's a testament to the belief that jewelry should not only adorn but also inspire. Embrace the cosmic wonder of moissanite with Capucinne and let your jewelry narrate a tale of style and commitment to a more sustainable world.

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