Finding Autumn Jewelry that’s Perfect for the Season

Imagine walking into a party wearing one of our brand new, customized autumn rings. People stop to admire and ask you about it, and you get to tell them: “It’s the spirit of autumn!”

The seasons of the year are really important for marking the progress in our lives, so it’s incredibly meaningful to celebrate each season in a personal way. Autumn is crisp, often misty, and it seems like you can't go two seconds without being compelled to buy pumpkin spice everything. Autumn is also the season of harvests, cozy evenings, colorful leaves, new school years, and peaceful reflection by candlelight.

Any jewelry can be “autumn” jewelry if it vibes with the spirit of autumn for you. But join us for a look at some of our favorite autumn rings, and maybe something will catch your fancy.

Capture the Orange Hues of Autumn

If you could distill all of the fall season into one color, what would it be? We would choose orange. Orange for early sunsets, orange for the turning leaves, orange for fireplaces, home cooking, and romantic candlelight dinners.

So, one way to find the perfect autumn jewelry piece is to pick one in the realm of orange color tones that evoke autumn, like our dazzling Valerie Orange Sapphire Ring with a black diamond halo and pave back diamond band.

Lighter Oranges, Yellows, and Golds

A pentagonal Marigold Diamond Slice Ring by Capucinne, featuring a yellow diamond flecked with gray.


In autumn, the sun doesn’t get as high in the sky, so the days are often a little bit yellower. If you journey into the brighter end of the orange colors, you end up with these vibrant late afternoon golds and mid-morning yellows.

A great example of this kind of autumn jewelry is our Marigold Diamond Slice Ring, featuring a yellow diamond flecked with gray, like a stormy autumn sunset, and a rose gold band that evokes the evening colors.

Yellow diamonds are more affordable than their white counterparts, so you’re getting half a carat of gemstone with this ring for a great price.

Darker Oranges, Reds, and Magentas

Autumn is also the color of deep sunrises and sunsets, falling leaves, and bountiful harvests—colors which point toward autumn jewelry pieces in the darker, richer end of the orange spectrum, where you’ll find chocolatey browns, deep reds, and even twilight magentas.

Perhaps the ultimate in autumn rings, our large, oval-cut Fire Agate Ring with orange Spessartite garnets is the swirl of a hot cinnamon spice latte, the spectacle of the last, smoky campfire of the hiking season, and the amazing sight of rain falling in front of the setting sun. Flanked by brilliant orange garnets and set in yellow gold, this ring captures the very soul of autumn.

For something more high-energy, our Gigi Intense Pink Tourmaline Ring is an autumn jewelry piece reminiscent of a breathtaking autumn sunset that fills up the entire horizon with bold pink and magenta hues. Flanked by fiery rubies and glittering white diamonds, this ring is sure to stand out anywhere you go.

Stand Out with Harvest Colors, Color Complements, & Autumn Birthstones


The colorful Rainbow Band by Capucinne features many different colors of raw sapphires, and a ruby, set in yellow gold.

Of course, orange is not the only color of autumn. You can also find great autumn jewelry by choosing complementary colors like the greens and whites in our Diamond and Emerald Eternity Ring—or by delving into the colorful bouquet of the autumn harvest colors, like with our colorful Rainbow Band, featuring raw sapphires and ruby.

And, of course, if you have a birthday between September and December you’re in luck: You can always choose autumn rings featuring your birthstone, like our gorgeous Tanzanite Solitaire Birthstone Ring.

December: Turquoise, Zircon, Tanzanite


Customize Your Autumn Jewelry for a Personal Touch

At Capucinne, we are happy to customize any of our autumn rings or other fine jewelry pieces. Whether you just want to swap out gemstones or make a small change to the design, or if you have an idea for a completely new ring, no customization is too big or small.

We hope your imagination is fired up on the autumn jewelry possibilities. And remember, if you have any questions or need assistance, reach out and contact us before you place an order on our site. We are happy to help you.

Here’s wishing you a festive and happy autumn season—and lots of spicy fall jewelry!

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