First fine jewellery brand to accept crypto currency

Crypto currencies have taken the world by storm, it is no wonder big companies like TESLA are finally also getting on board. But why would it be any different for companies in other markets?
With over 20% of the world population using cryptocurrency, we believe this percentage will only grow over time and take over as the main currency for all services and goods.
Preference for Cryptocurrencies Infographic
“As much as we are trendsetters in a niche fine jewelry world, we want to lead the way when it comes to offering new and up-to-date payment options and technologies to our customers” says Primoz, CEO of Capucinne Fine Jewelry.
“Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority, and we have to look beyond our handcrafted pieces. What is it that would make our brand more accessible to our customers? Offering payment with cryptocurrencies (at the moment we accept Bitcoin - BTC, Ethereum - ETH, DAI - DAI, Litecoin - LTC, or USD Coin) is a great asset that offers seamless and modern payment solution for those looking to buy engagement rings or bespoke fine jewellery.” explains Primoz Majeric. An enhanced online shopping experience is the core of successful online business in any field, and Capucinne is ready to pave the way.
Cryptocurrency Coins

Alternative cryptocurrencies like Cardano or Polkadot have made quite a surge in the last couple of days especially due to an innovative leader Elon Musk’s twitter spree and made cryptocurrencies even more accessible to the masses. 

 Capucinne Fine Jewelry Piece


Whether you are looking for something to treat yourself or buying an engagement ring, at Capucinne Fine jewellry, we are more than happy to create a bespoke piece and offer you modern and up to date shopping experience.

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