Vintage inspired rings are making a comeback

Although retro looks go in and out of fashion, there is one trend of the previous decades that never seems to go out of style, and that is called vintage. A vintage piece is always popular and in demand, specially because of the stories it carries and the evergreen design that can, with a combination of the right accessories look like new.
Lately vintage inspired rings have created their own little trend - if you are not the one to receive a passed down engagement ring from your grandmother, you just might find something in that ally from a selection of our vintage inspired rings bellow.
camille ring

Camille is a vintage inspired ring with a green sapphire set in 18kt rose gold and reminds us of the magic of green forests.

 Bella Ring

 Bella ring  

Bella Aquamarine engagement ring is just what you need for the wedding vibes to start - something blue and something pretty - with a lovely aquamarine color this ring is a ring to cherish.

 Arya ring

Arya ring

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones the name Arya will not go unnoticed - inspired by the character, this magical labradorite ring in rose gold setting is something you will be able to pass down to future generation, as well as the love for your favourite Netflix series.

Florence ring

Florence ring

Opals are a big trend right now, and for good reason - they show some of the most mesmerzing hues, like this australian opal beauty that has some fire in it - the Florence ring is vintage with a modern twist. 


For any design adjustments or if you would like to order a ring with a unique design that you like, please contact our designers and customer service team at and they will guide you through the process of ordering a custom ring specially for you! 

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