Zodiac Birthstones: Complement your Astrological Sign, pt. 2

Second part of our instant guide to pick the right Birthstones is here! If you're a fan of astrology and your birthday is sometime between July and December then keep on reading and find out which stone matches your astrological sign. The stones that are connected with your Zodiac know exactly what you need. The spiritual energy helps you to stabilize your mind and gives you energy and power to reach all of your goals.


Moonstone is one of the primary birthstones for Cancer. The Moonstone gem is a very feminine stone associated with love, protection and fertility. Stone symbolises feminine energy and new beginnings and brings emotional balance and positive energy into the life of the wearer. With a unique adularescence, each moonstone is one of a kind and as such a perfect gift for the special Cancer in your life. 
We suggest our unique Rainbow Moonstone Ring. 

LEO (JULY 23 - AUGUST 22) 

Apart from Peridot, Spinel is one of the primary birthstones for Leo. Spinel brings feelings of joy, hope, and the energy of renewal. It’s a perfect stone for releasing stress and helping you when feeling a lack of energy or enthusiasm. It’s a perfect gift for workaholic Leos to re-energise them and bring them inspiration.
We suggest our simple Kite Black Spinel Solitaire Ring.


The main stone for Virgo is Blue Sapphire. Known as the gemstone of joy and wisdom, it is one of those special gemstones that bring creativity, stimulate concentration and balances the negative and positive energies within the body, bringing peace of mind to the wearer. It’s a gemstone that reminds us to always follow our own guiding light and as such a beautiful gem for travelers as it represents the star that shows us the way and always leads us to safety.
We suggest our exquisite royal Gisele Pear Blue Sapphire Ring. 


The main stone for Libra is Opal. Opal is one of the most unique stones and it's all due to its play of color that is being cast before your eyes. It is known as a stone of protection from negative energies. The stone also enhances the consciousness within oneself and can be also used as a good luck charm, helping the wearer to attract amazing things. This diverse stone compliments every skin tone and mesmerizes you in a heartbeat.
We suggest our gorgeous Australian Opal Ring.


The main stone for Scorpio is Topaz. This gemstone is associated with wisdom, communication, and finding the perfect pathways to success. Blue Topaz is also known for helping people to overcome their fears and building their confidence. This special stone also contributes to good health. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones to remind them that they are worthy, wonderful, and their voice deserves to be heard.
We suggest our beautiful princess cut London Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring.


Tanzanite is the main stone for Sagittarius. It is known as the gemstone of transformation, positivity, optimism and inspiration. This rare and precious gem helps us to kick out our old patterns and manifest our powers. Perfect gift for your loved Sagittarius that will help to let their strengths shine and to overcome any areas that may be holding them back. 
We suggest our vintage Tanzanite Ring.
Birthstones are always a good idea to give to your loved ones and show them your affection. As the right birthstone will bring the wearer new energy and power to reach all of their goals it is truly a perfect companion to start the new year right. (Shop here)

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