Capucinne offers an exquisite collection of fine jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and custom-made pieces. To provide a convenient and flexible payment option for their customers, Capucinne has partnered with Klarna.

When you're ready to make a purchase on Capucinne's website, simply add your desired items to your shopping cart. During the checkout process, you'll have the option to select Klarna as your payment method.


Our financing plans

 6 Month financing 12 Month financing 18 Month financing 24 Month financing
  • Minimum: $149
  • Maximum: $999
  • Minimum: $299 
  • Maximum: $1,999
  • Minimum: $999
  • Maximum: $3,499
  • Minimum: $1,999
  • Maximum: $10,000


At Capucinne we are committed to providing you with the best shopping experience possible. That's why we've partnered with Klarna to offer you a range of convenient payment plans that suit your budget and lifestyle. With our Klarna Payment Plans, you can choose the financing option that best fits your needs and enjoy the products you love without the worry of immediate payment.

6-Month Financing: Spread out your payments over 6 months for a seamless shopping experience. Whether you're looking to make a smaller purchase or invest in a higher-ticket item, our 6-month financing option is designed to accommodate your needs.

  • Minimum Purchase: $149
  • Maximum Purchase: $999

12-Month Financing: For a longer-term payment solution, our 12-month financing option is here to provide you with added flexibility. You can enjoy your chosen products while dividing the cost into manageable monthly payments.

  • Minimum Purchase: $299
  • Maximum Purchase: $1,999

18-Month Financing: If you're considering more substantial purchases, our 18-month financing option might be the perfect fit for you. Enjoy extended payment terms that make acquiring your desired products even more convenient.

  • Minimum Purchase: $999
  • Maximum Purchase: $3,499

24-Month Financing: For the ultimate in flexibility and convenience, our 24-month financing option allows you to make larger purchases without straining your budget. Experience the joy of owning quality products while breaking down payments into manageable installments.

  • Minimum Purchase: $1,999
  • Maximum Purchase: $10,000

In which countries can I use Klarna?

Klarna Checkout is available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, and Great Britain.

Klarna’s payment methods as individual products are available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the USA and Australia.

Klarna In-store is available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Great Britain, and the USA.

Good to know: Klarna will only be available to customers for countries in which you have signed up for Klarna. For example, if you sign up for Klarna US, you will be able to sell to customers in the USA using Klarna; customers outside of the USA would not be able to use Klarna on your site (though other applicable payment methods would still be available).

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Pay over time

With Klarna, you can enjoy two primary payment options: "Pay later" and "Installments."

If you choose the "Pay later" option, you can complete your purchase without making an immediate payment. Klarna will cover the cost of your order on your behalf, and you'll receive a payment reminder from Klarna within a specified period, typically 14 or 30 days. This allows you to receive your beautiful jewelry first and settle the payment at a later time.

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Alternatively, you can select the "Installments" option if you prefer to spread out the cost of your purchase over time. Klarna enables you to divide the total amount into smaller, more manageable payments. You can choose the number of installments and the payment frequency that suits you best, such as biweekly or monthly. Each payment will include a portion of the total amount, along with any applicable interest or fees.

Smooth and hassle free

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience, Klarna provides an instant approval process. Within seconds, Klarna assesses your eligibility for their services based on various factors, including your credit history and the specific purchase amount. You'll receive an immediate decision, allowing you to proceed with your order swiftly.

Once your purchase is complete, you can easily manage your Klarna payments through the Klarna app or website. The platform allows you to track your purchases, make payments, view payment schedules, and even adjust your installment plans if permitted. Klarna also sends reminders and notifications to help you stay on top of your payments, ensuring you have a clear overview of your financial obligations.

It's important to note that Klarna's services may include fees or interest charges, depending on the payment option you choose and the specific terms offered by Capucinne. By reviewing the terms and conditions provided by Klarna during the checkout process, you can understand any associated costs and make an informed decision.

With Klarna, Capucinne aims to provide its customers with a seamless and flexible payment experience, making it easier for you to own and enjoy their exquisite jewelry creations.