When we think of sapphires, blue color is usually the first thing that comes to mind. And rightly so, as the word sapphire comes from the latin and Greek words for the color 'blue', which is sapphirus. Blue sapphires have been widely used throughout history dating back to ancient Rome. In essence a hard crystallized substance known as corundum, the sapphire stone comes in a range of colors from blue, pink, peach, yellow to champagne and white. It is the second most popular stone right after diamonds.One of the rarest types of Sapphire is the Padparadscha Sapphire with a pinkish orange variety which originates in Sri Lanka, and the word comes from the language of Sinhalese which means lotus flower.


Blue Sapphire Gemstone


Sapphire, known as the 'wisdom stone' is one of those special gemstones that bring creativity, stimulate concentration and balances the negative and positive vibrations within the body, bringing peace of mind to the wearer. It is a stone of optimism, love, intellect as well as spiritual development.

A September birthstone and the birthstone of the zodiac sign Virgo, sapphire is a stone of love and loyalty, which makes it the perfect stone for an engagement ring or a piece of jewelry celebrating your anniversary or simply the love you have for yourself.



Sapphires can be found in several places around the world, from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Tanzania, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Australia and Montana in the United States amongst many countries. We source our sapphires all over the world, but mainly work with trusted suppliers from Sri Lanka.


Collection of Colorful Sapphires


As there are so many different colored sapphires, each one is unique both in color and later on in cut as well. The price tag though, is set mainly by the color and their quality. The final result is mastered by our highly skilled cutters creating both classic shapes as well as truly unique cuts like the hexagon, octagon and geometric shapes. Color is subjective, but usually on beautiful things most people agree. Something with a good purity of color that shows well in all lighting conditions is what will usually be in high demand, and hence cost more than a sapphire with mixed color ones. You can see some of the color in the picture below, but there are many more:

Various Shades of Sapphire Gemstones

If you can see inclusions within the sapphire easily this will bring the value down. If you can't see anything at all within the stone then this will be very rare, as sapphires will almost always have some internal visual inclusions. Below are a few terms relating to a sapphire's clarity: Concaves/Naturals: natural indentations in the surface of a gemstone created during crystal formation. These growth marks are usually found on the girdle and do not affect the gemstone's beauty or luster. Clarity, Eye Grade: an assessment of a gemstone's clarity when viewed with no magnification. Clarity, Loupe Grade an assessment of a gemstone's clarity when viewed with 10x magnification. Transparency: refers to a gemstone's relative ability to transmit light.


At Capucinne we love to play with shapes and cuts, making the most of every gemstone. Sapphire is no exception. We have made beautiful pieces with oval, round, pear, cushion cut and geometric shaped sapphire creating unique pieces. Sapphire makes a lavish and beautiful center stone no matter what color it is. It is beautiful accompanied with side diamonds, but spectacular on its own as well as a solitaire ring. The beauty and value of a sapphire ring comes first from the color of the sapphire, but most importantly from the cut. At Capucinne we pride ourselves in sourcing the finest gemstones that can be cut in different shapes, making your engagement ring stand out. Our skilled cutters bring out the brilliance and the color of the sapphire to a whole new level.



To keep the beautiful sapphire shining as long as possible, make sure you take proper care of your sapphire jewelry by removing it when cleaning, showering, doing physical activities and avoid body oils, sweat and lotion that can build up on the stone and make its appearance more matte in return.

Avoid any harsh chemicals when wearing the sapphire, so we advise taking it off when cleaning with household chemicals. The best way to clean your sapphire jewelry is to use mild dish soap and water, soaking it in for a minute and just gently buffing it with a soft cloth.