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October’s birthstone, opal, is a unique gemstone known for its one-of-a-kind color combinations. From fiery red to iridescent blue, we source the finest opals around the world to create pieces you can cherish across a lifetime. Get more details and explore our collection of white opal rings, black opals, rainbow opals, and more.

Opal rings are the perfect promise ring for a loved one or close friend, and an opal engagement ring symbolizes faithfulness, confidence, and discovery. We’re happy to make customizations to any ring, and you can also work with our artisans to design your own from scratch.


Of all the opals in the world, Australian opals are known to have some of the most expressive shades of color and iridescence. We source our opals ethically and take steps to ensure that all the gemstones featured in our jewelry remain conflict-free.

Opals come in many colors, from red to blue, and we do have some stunning white opal rings, black opals, and others! But opals are best known for their ethereal, “rainbows-in-the-fog” appearance—shimmering in many different colors as they catch the sunlight with a dreamy layer of haze on top.

That’s why an opal engagement ring is something truly special: like the clouds themselves, it always has something new to offer. With an stunning Australian opal, rings and other fine jewelry pieces take on a certain zest that’s hard to find in most other gemstones. 


Opal, derived from the Latin word "opalus," has a fascinating history that dates back thousands of years. It is a hydrated form of silica that is formed in areas where water has seeped into the ground and evaporated over time. Australia is renowned for producing some of the finest opals, while other significant deposits are found in Ethiopia, Mexico, and Brazil.


Throughout history, opals have been associated with various beliefs and myths. In ancient times, opal was considered a symbol of purity and hope. It was believed to possess magical properties, including the ability to bring good fortune and protect against evil. Opal gems were also regarded as a stone of love and passion, often associated with loyalty and faithfulness.


The mesmerizing beauty of opals lies in their play of colors, also known as "opalescence." This optical phenomenon displays a vibrant spectrum of hues that dance across the gemstone when light interacts with its internal structure. Opals can exhibit a wide range of colors, from fiery reds, oranges, and yellows to serene blues, greens, and violets. This remarkable play of colors makes each opal engagement ring a truly unique and captivating piece of jewelry.

Play-of-Color Spectrum

Opals are renowned for their captivating play of colors, which can range from fiery reds, oranges, and yellows to serene blues, greens, and violets. Opals that exhibit a vibrant and varied play of colors are generally highly sought after. The specific combination of colors and the intensity of the play-of-color can greatly influence the desirability of an opal.

Red and Orange

Opals that showcase fiery reds and vibrant oranges are particularly prized. These warm and intense hues can create a striking and eye-catching display of colors. The presence of dominant red and orange hues can greatly enhance the value and desirability of an opal.

Blue and Green

Opals with vivid blues and greens are also highly sought after. These cool and soothing colors can create a mesmerizing and ethereal appearance. Opals that display a strong presence of blue or green, especially with flashes or patterns of these colors, are often considered valuable and captivating.

Color Patterns

Opals with unique and interesting color patterns are also popular. Some opals may exhibit rolling flashes, which create a wave-like movement of colors across the stone. Others may display pinfire patterns, where small specks of color are distributed throughout the stone. Opals with color patterns that are aesthetically pleasing and dynamic can be highly desirable.

Pastel Colors

Opals with soft and delicate pastel colors, such as pinks, purples, and light blues, are also popular. These subtle and understated hues can create a romantic and feminine look. Pastel-colored opals are often appreciated for their gentle and ethereal beauty.

Black Opal

Black opal is a unique and precious gemstone known for its dark body tone, which can range from dark grey to jet black. This dark body tone enhances the vibrancy of the colors displayed within the opal, making it highly prized and valuable. For some people, black opal engagement rings look the best because of their unusual but eye-catching and appeal. The term "black opal" refers to any opal with a dark body tone, often black or dark gray. It can also refer to opals that have a dark blue or dark green body color. The dark coloration of black opal is attributed to fine particles in its composition, such as carbon and iron sulfides. Australian black opals are considered the most valuable and widely recognized type of opal. They are also the rarest type of opal found and can fetch the highest price per carat compared to other types of opal.


Opal is an attractive choice for engagement rings for several reasons, including its captivating beauty, symbolism, uniqueness, and versatility. If you want something different from classic diamond rings, then opal rings can be a great alternative! Here are some key factors that make Opal an appealing option:

Unique and Individual Beauty

Opals are highly prized for their individuality. No two opals are exactly alike, and each stone possesses its own distinct play of colors and patterns. This inherent uniqueness adds a sense of personalization and exclusivity to opal engagement rings, allowing the wearer to express their individual style and stand out from traditional diamond rings.


Opals have long been associated with symbolism and meaning. They are often regarded as a stone of love, passion, and emotional healing. Opals are believed to enhance emotional connections, promote loyalty, and inspire creativity. Choosing an opal engagement ring can be a symbolic representation of a deep and vibrant love shared between partners.


Opals come in various colors, sizes, and patterns, offering a wide range of options for opal ring designs. Whether you prefer a classic white opal with delicate pastel hues or a bold black opal with intense flashes of color, there is an opal to suit different styles and preferences. Opals can be paired with different metals and accent stones, allowing for endless possibilities in creating a truly personalized and unique engagement ring.

Timeless and Time-Honored Gemstone

While opals have gained popularity in recent years, they have a long history as cherished gemstones. Opals have been treasured for centuries and have adorned royal jewelry collections and significant historical pieces. Despite trends in engagement ring choices, opals have proven to be a timeless and enduring gemstone that continues to captivate and enchant.


Opal engagement rings have gained popularity in recent years due to their unique and mesmerizing beauty. While classic designs are always timeless, there are several current trends that have emerged in the world of opal engagement rings. Here are some popular trends that you may find inspiring:

Minimalist Opal Rings

Minimalist designs have been a growing trend in the jewelry industry, and opal engagement rings are no exception. These rings feature a clean and sleek aesthetic, often with a dainty band and a single opal as the focal point. The simplicity of these designs allows the opal's natural play of colors to take center stage, creating an understated yet enchanting look.

Opal and Diamond Combinations

Combining opals with diamonds is another prevailing trend in opal engagement rings. The contrast between the opal's iridescent colors and the brilliance of diamonds creates a striking visual effect. This combination often features an opal as the center stone, complemented by smaller diamonds on the band or as accent stones. The opal diamond ring exudes a captivating blend of elegance and vibrancy.

Opal and Rose Gold

Rose gold has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it pairs exceptionally well with opals. The warm tones of rose gold complement the opal's play of colors, creating a soft and feminine look. Opal engagement rings set in rose gold exude a modern and romantic vibe, combining two trendy elements for a captivating and stylish result.

Geometric Opal Rings

For those who appreciate contemporary and geometric designs, opal rings with angular or unconventional shapes are an intriguing option. These rings often feature opals cut into geometric shapes, such as triangles, hexagons, or rectangles. The clean lines and distinct forms add a modern twist to traditional opal engagement rings, making them visually striking and fashion-forward.

Custom and Unique Opal Rings

Customization allows you to create a truly personalized and unique opal engagement ring. Work with a skilled jeweler to design a ring that reflects your style and incorporates meaningful elements. You can choose the opal's shape, size, and color, as well as select complementary gemstones or metals that resonate with you and your partner.

Opal Doublets and Triplets

Opal doublets and triplets are composite gemstones that combine a thin slice of opal with other materials. Doublets consist of a slice of opal bonded to a backing material, while triplets have an additional protective layer on top. These composite opals are more affordable than solid opals while still offering the play of colors characteristic of opals. They can be a budget-friendly option for those who adore the opal's beauty but have cost considerations.

Opal Stacking Rings

Stacking rings have become a popular trend, allowing you to mix and match different rings to create a unique and personalized look. Opal stacking rings can be worn alone or stacked with other bands or gemstone rings. Consider combining opal rings with diamond bands, colored gemstones, or even different types of opals for a striking and eclectic style.

Opal Accents in Wedding Bands

While opal engagement rings with diamonds steal the spotlight, you can also incorporate opal accents into opal wedding rings. Adding small opal stones as accents or incorporating them in intricate patterns or designs can create a cohesive and harmonious bridal set. It's an excellent way to continue the opal theme throughout your wedding jewelry.

Alternative Opal Cuts

Traditionally, opals are cut into oval or round shapes to maximize their play of colors. However, contemporary designs have started exploring alternative cuts to showcase the opal's unique beauty. Consider cuts like pear, marquise, cushion, or emerald to bring a fresh and unexpected look to your opal engagement ring.


Choosing an opal engagement ring allows you to embrace the beauty of a gemstone with a rich history, individuality, and vibrant play of colors. Opals offer a distinct alternative to traditional diamond engagement rings, allowing you to express your unique style, symbolize your love, and create a cherished piece of jewelry that will be treasured for a lifetime. If you have questions about customizing your opal ring or are new to the world of fine handcrafted jewelry and need guidance, contact us for fast, friendly assistance. Create your dream gemstone ring, alexandrite ring, or unique opal rings today with help from the skilled stonesetters and metalworkers from Capucinne!

If you have questions about a customization or are new to the world of fine handcrafted jewelry and need guidance, contact us for fast, friendly assistance. Create your dream ring today with help from the skilled stonesetters and metalworkers from Capucinne!

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