Opal is one of the most unique stones and it's all due to its unique play of color that is being cast before your very eyes. The multi-dimensional display of color is a characteristic of precious opals like Black Australian Opal,  Ethiopian or Australian White Opal and Lightning Ridge Opal. Definitely a diverse stone that compliments every skin tone, the Opal is a stone that will mesmerize you in a heartbeat.


Natural Opal gemstone with unique play of color



Opal is known as a stone of protection and with it's marvelous shield protects the wearer from negative energies. It is also a seductive stone associated with love and desire and brings loyalty and faithfulness. A stone that in itself looks like from another world, with its cosmic appearance it enhances the consciousness within oneself. Wearing an opal ring, necklace or any type of jewelry can only be beneficial for you. It is definitely more than just a pretty stone to look at.  



Opals can be found in several places around the world, however 90% of the world's precious opals come from Australia. Other parts of the world where you can find Opals include Mexico, Brazil, Ethiopia and Indonesia. We source our Opals from Australia and Ethiopia but work only with trusted suppliers.


Variety of Opal gemstones showcasing their unique colors and patterns


Even though each gemstone is unique and one of a kind, the Opal is one of the rare gemstones that can really claim this phrase with its truly marvelous play of color. However, not all Opals display the vivid flashes of color as there are two types of Opal stones. One is the Common Opal and the other is Precious Opal. The Common Opal is color blocked and opaque to translucent. These come in a variety of solid colors and do not have the opalescence that the Precious Opal has, but there are variety of the Common Opal that are also very interesting, such as the Dendritic Opal or the Andean Opal that has an intense color block blue hue.


We use both common and precious opal, though the precious one is definitely the one we use the most in our designs due to the spectrum of color it showcases. In fact, the term 'play in color' is known for Opal as that means that the unique colorways of the Opal can be observed in three situations: when the stone is in motion, when there is a different angle of light hitting the stone and when you yourself are observing the stone from a different angle.


At Capucinne we love to play with shapes and cuts, making the most of every gemstone. Opal is no exception. We have made beautiful pieces with oval, round, pear, half-moon and trillion shaped opals creating unique pieces. Opals make a beautiful center stone however they are also beautiful accompanied with other gemstones on the side – we like to combine them with diamonds, moonstones or any other colored gemstones.



To keep the beautiful opal looking new as long as possible, make sure you take proper care for your opal jewelry by removing it when cleaning, showering, doing physical activities and avoid body oils, sweat and lotion that can build up on the stone and make its appearance more matte in return. Opal is softer and more easily chipped than most other popular gemstones, so extra care is needed when it comes to your opal gemstones.


Avoid any harsh chemicals when wearing the opal, so we advise taking it off when cleaning with household chemicals. The best way to clean your opal jewelry is to use mild dish soap and water, soaking it in for a minute and just gently buffing it with a soft cloth.