The gemstone of new beginnings moonstone is a natural crystal that is taught to harvest the energy of the moon. Known also as a stone for divine feminine, it is no wonder it brings emotional stability and reduces stress levels for the wearer. The moonstone is a beautiful stone that has been used in the jewelry industry for centuries. It has been used in fashion jewelry in a cabochon cut, but its presence in other cuts has grown into fine jewelry over the years as well. At Capucinne we use the highest graded moonstones for our pieces.

 Natural Moonstone with beautiful shimmer


The moonstone gem is a very feminine stone - throughout history it has been associated with love, protection and fertility. The moonstone can put us in tune with our softer, feminine side and makes us turn inside and discover our inner strength and go deeper within us. It helps us connect to the subconscious and bring out our creative side.   

Connected with the heart chakra, it calms your emotions and fills your aura with a comforting breath. It also balances sexual energies.



Moonstones can be found in several places around the world, from the USA, Brazil, Australia, Myanmar and Madagascar, but mainly from Sri Lanka. That is where we also get our moonstones with the perfect milky white color with light blue purple shimmer we all easily, and rightly so, fall in love with.


Sourcing locations for Moonstones around the world


With a unique adularescence, each moonstone is one of a kind. It is how mother nature made it, and each one shows different hues under different lightning. Combine that with beautiful cuts to bring out the most of the stone, this is one gem that you will love wearing.

Unique Moonstone displaying its unique adularescence


What is adularescence?

Adularescence is caused by the diffraction of light as it hits thin, alternating layers of orthoclase and albite within the gem. This produces the appearance of a floating, cloud-like, blue to white light inside the gem. A blue sheen is produced if the albite crystals are very fine. (Fine orthoclase and albite plates are dispersed within each other as a result of unmixing on cooling). If the albite plates are thick, the sheen is white.



At Capucinne we love to play with shapes and cuts, making the most of every gemstone. Moonstone is no exception. We have made beautiful pieces with oval, round and kite shaped Moonstone, the latter being the most popular cut. Moonstone is also the perfect stone to accompany other gemstones whether it is in a cluster ring or a side-stone ring. They work best in combination with diamonds and opals as their iridescence matches their shine. Rainbow moonstones have even more of a range of color under different angles, so it works lovely also combined with colorful gemstones like sapphire, alexandrite, moss agate or morganite.

 Various shapes and cuts of Moonstones in different jewelry pieces


To keep the beautiful moonstone shining as long as possible, make sure you take proper care for your moonstone jewelry by removing it when cleaning, showering, doing physical activities and avoid body oils, sweat and lotion that can build up on the stone and make its appearance more matte in return.

Avoid any harsh chemicals when wearing the moonstone, so we advise taking it off when cleaning with household chemicals. The best way to clean your moonstone jewelry is to use mild dish soap and water, soaking it in for a minute and just gently buffing it with a soft cloth.