Beluga Whale saves the day

Modern times call for modern meet ups, hence social media plays a vital role in the realtionships we form, whether it is friendships or love..

How we met

We met on Tinder actually. One of the few success stories. His opening line was “would you rather have ______ or hot dogs for fingers” neither of us remember what that first option was. I picked hot dogs for fingers because you’d always have a emergency snack. About 3 days after first contact we went on our first date to a restaurant called The Kitchen Next Door in Boulder, CO. 

how we met

The engagement

The proposal was perfect. I had a feeling something was going to happen while we were vacationing in the Virgin Islands with my family.  He waited until the very last day to pop the question. We were hanging out at the famous Trunk Bay beach. Everyone else was in on it and apparently he had a code word (beluga whale) for when it was about to happen. I was looking at this really cool hermit crab, turned around and he said “I think you know what’s about to happen”. Once he popped the question the whole beach started clapping which was a little overwhelming but very memorable. We celebrated with a rum & coke and some snorkeling. 

half moon ring with turquoise
Andy proposed to Kinsey with our Half moon ring with Turquoise.
We wish this lovely couple a lifetime of happines together!