A trip to New Orleans

"Ashley and I actually went to the same high school together, a few grades apart. Our paths never crossed surprisingly. She was more athletic. I was more the "artsy" kind. Not much has changed since high school, in that aspect. I, of course, don't recall Ashley at all from our high school days (Ashley says I have the worst memory). We didn't officially meet until years later through mutual friends. In 2017, we exchanged social medias, communicated off and on, and continued dating other people. Neither of us thinking too seriously of the other. We would continue to bump into each other here and there or communicate back and forth, but the timing just seemed to always be off. In November of the following year, we agreed to dinner with a mutual friend, sharing our first kiss after. I have been smitten ever since! Our first date was at a local Waffle House, which we frequent to this day. We have our own booth & the servers know our orders.To say we've been inseparable ever since would be quite the understatement."
Ashley with his life partner
"Fast forward to February of 2020: Ashley, a close friend of ours and myself took a small trip to New Orleans. An overly anxious Ashley awkwardly proposed at the state park near the Langles Bridge under beautiful, moss-covered Weeping Willows (If you haven't seen it, take the time to look it up!) with the most uniquely designed salt and pepper, half-moon engagement ring. 
couple proposing with capucinne ring
Capucinne (& Ashley) did such an amazing with everything about our rings. I could not imagine a more perfect ring for us! Thank you!"
Giada half Moon oregon sunstone ring set
Ashley proposed to Sabrina with a customized version of our Giada Half Moon Oregon Sunstone ring set changing the Oregon Sunstone to Salt and Pepper diamond. We want to congratulate them both and we are happy to be a part of their love story!