Wine o'clock just got better

Reading Joise's and Ariel's story got us all mushy inside and suddenly got us craving for a glass of wine. Why you ask? Oh, just read below and you'll get the hint.
How we met
A few years back I (Josie) was working at a food cart in Portland, OR. At the time, Ariels best friend was my one of my coworkers. Her friend had suggested that Ariel should come by the cart on her day off from work. A few hours later, Ariel showed up to order a mimosa and some food. As I was handing her the glass of liquid sunshine, she looked up and we locked eyes. Ariel remembers being immediately smitten and we often laugh about that particular moment. As time went on, we remained friends until realizing what we had was far more special. Since then we have never left each others side and have shared many mimosas along the way. 
the proposal
The proposal
We were away on a staycation when I initially fell in love with my ring! We were casually scrolling through Etsy when I spotted the beautiful colored agate kite. Ariel is a big time agate and rock collector so it seemed like a perfect match. I looked at the website almost everyday after while simultaneously reminding Ariel that the ring could be sold at any moment. After a few days, I realized the kite was no longer on the website. I was heartbroken to say the least. I kept telling Ariel, “I’m so sad someone has MY ring”. Little did I know, that someone was Ariel. She had purchased the ring and hid it in the back of our closet. Due to Covid, we weren’t seeing our friends or family so she was waiting for the perfect day to propose. Ariel held onto the ring and the secret of having it for a handful of months before she finally popped the question. Not only was I surprised but as were all of our friends and family- she hadn’t told anyone. 
the proposal
On a sunny summer Saturday we went wine tasting with a few of our closest friends. On our walk around the vineyard Ariel asked one of our friends to set their camera up on a timer for a group photo. After the first photo was taken, Ariel got down on one knee and I realized the ring in her hand was the beautiful kite stone I had picked out months before. 
moss agate kite ring
Ariel proposed Josie with one of our bestsellers - the Moss Agate Kite Ring with a matching band. At Capucinne you will find a selection of Moss Agate rings, for a reason - we are the original jewelry designers to use Moss Agate and create Geometric Moss Agate one of a kind jewelry.