Cabochon Cut Stones

The term cabochon cut refers to a stone which has a smooth, polished convex top and a flat base. It is a simple cut used mostly for opaque stones to display optical effects and colours of softer stones which could fracture if faceting was attempted.
Turquoise Crown
Cabochon stones are most often set in rub-over or bezel settings, which frame the stone and protect the edge of the flat base. It is important that the bezel setting is not too high, as it would cover too much of the stone, or too low as it would not hold the stone securely.
Turquoise Crown
Some of the most frequently cabochon cut stones are for example Australian opals, turquoise, onyx, moonstones, and other precious and semi-precious stones.
Cabochon Onyx with a Lace Band
This cut in particular is ideal for those, who prefer lower-profile rings with a smooth finish. While this kind of most often bezel set stones is ideal for everyday wear, their owners should dedicate special attention to their care and prevent knocking their ring against hard surfaces and avoid contact with strong and abrasive chemicals.
Cabochon Pear Moonstone Ring
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