Capucinne Moonstone Collection

This week’s featured items are part of our moonstone collection. The first set is made of a stunning pear-shaped cabochon rainbow moonstone ring with a diamond crown and a stacking lace band.
The moonstone has a blue or multicoloured iridescent sheen and is thought to be a stone that possesses powerful protective properties and helps its wearer to find their true path in life.
In traditional Hindu belief systems, it is associated with the throat chakra, which is connected to hearing, speech, purification and self-expression.
Vintage Moonstone and Diamond Bridal Ring Set
Depending on the position of the light source, the moonstone can reflect the light differently, which gives the stone a touch of mystery and unpredictability.
The major providers of moonstone of the market are Sri Lanka and India, but it can also be found in some parts of the United States, Brazil, and Australia.
Moonstone and Diamond Ice Ring Set – Our Patented Design
Together with the pearl and alexandrite, moonstone is crowned as the June birthstone and designated for the zodiac sign of Gemini. If you would like a personalized piece of birthstone jewellery, please contact us at
Moonstone and Sapphire Birthstone Cluster Ring
To find more moonstone rings, please browse through our collection of moonstone jewellery.

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