Crown It!

One of our bestselling original and patented designs is the matching marquise crown ring, which makes a beautiful wedding band and a perfect fit for almost any engagement ring.
Marquise Crown Matching Band
It goes especially well with round, oval, and pear solitaires and can be made with many different kinds of stones, for example with sapphires, opals, rubies, black diamonds, moonstones, etc.
Diamond engagement ring set
The base design is made of five bezel-set marquise stones that measure approximately 4x2mm. A version with smaller diamonds is available as well. Any other kind of stones in this dimension have to be custom cut.
Mini diamond marquise crown
To match it with larger engagement rings, some additional diamonds can be added. Overtime, we adjusted this design to fit a wide selection of rings and combined different sizes of stones and used a different style for the settings.
The arrow prong setting secures the stones and allows more light to pass through them, which allows them to sparkle even brighter.
arrow prong set marquise crown
In our collection, you can also find ring sets with a matching marquise crown that is already included in the price.
Pear Diamond Wedding Ring set
To make the marquise crown fit your engagement ring, you can contact our designers and customer service team at and they will guide you through the process and answer all your questions.

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