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it has come to our attention that many Capucinne pieces are being tossed around several selling platforms and online shops. We are witnessing an increase in sellers that either steal our original designs by copying, remaking and then photographing them anew or even directly posting, promoting and selling them with our own photographs without our consent.

Many of you have kindly sent us a number of pages and links to the items you came across and recognized as part of Capucinne fine jewelry collection, some of which are being sold by vendors on different large-scale platforms and social media, most notably on Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Facebook, and Wish, sometimes even under brand names similar to ours. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and are extremely grateful for all the help with the matter at hand up until now and in the future.

We are aware that in the times we live in this represents a difficult part of being in a competitive business such as creating jewelry, but we do hope to and will try to limit this disadvantage as best we can. First of all, because of the numerous hours of work the entire Capucinne team invests into the process of making a piece of jewelry spur to life and reach our public and even more so our customers. This includes designing, hand-crafting, communicating, photographing and so forth, without mentioning all the numerous invisible tasks that have to be carried out in order to keep the business up and running and flourishing.

It therefore saddens us greatly to see our designs being sold below their true worth and in a disastrous state as depicted in the few pictures that accompany these words. Which brings us to the most important part of this short scripture on a vast problem that grasps beyond the world of Capucinne. You, our customers, who not knowingly may already have been cheated by these online dealers with some of the most treacherous looking and falsely described jewelry one can find. The depicted ring sets are an exact outcome of the situation at hand. Two of our most beloved sets, the Sunset Ring Set and Flame Ring Set, have been sold as high-quality pieces and endorsed elsewhere with our own pictures you can find beside this text as well, to be able to compare them with the outcome.

We are as always at your service through email or directly though chat on our website. Capucinne pieces are available only under the names Capucinne, MinimalVS and threelayers on Etsy, through our official website Capucinne and our sister website Capucinne Blue. Once again, we are deeply grateful for your help in reporting the mischievous behaviour and for your ongoing support, and bid you to let us know about and to be continuously aware of the stolen artistry and undermining of our hard work and your hopes placed in the creation of a long-lasting and valuable piece of art.

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