Mother's Day Gift Guide

All mothers are unique and have their own beauty shining through. If you're looking for a ring to match her unique soul, a necklace to wear close to her heart or earrings to sparkle even more we got you covered! Check our suggestions below.


Aria ring princess cut morganite

Our Aria ring with a princess cut morganite is a modern take on cluster ring - you know those that used to be really bulky. With Aria we created a delicate yet timeless ring that will fit any style and every skintone.

Ava Ring cushion cut emerald
Another timeless design is our bestseller Ava ring with cushion cut or emerald cut stones. Whether you are looking for a classy Emerald or something different like Alexandrite, paired with side diamonds your Mom will love this one as it elevates one's style in an instance.
Luisa Ring
Your Mom likes color? Say no more, she will be dazzled by the beautiful purple sapphire captured in this Art Deco style baguette ring with side diamonds going by the name Luisa.


Want a more personalized gift for your main queen? Since we are known for unique and colourful gemstones, a birthstone necklace is the best idea. Design a custom cluster necklace with all family members birthstones or go for a personalized name necklace to give the most thoughtful and beautiful gift of them all.
birthstone cluster necklace
The birthstone cluster necklace - the ultimate gift that guarantees color and sparkles at the same time. Something for the Moms that just love the rainbows in their life.
mountain moss agate necklace
Your Mom likes hiking and just loves the fresh air and the feeling of freedom she gets from the great outdoors? Then she will love our patented Mountain Moss Agate necklace - hint, each one of these is custom cut and one of a kind.
Turquoise Inlay Necklace
Wearing her children's names close to her heart at all times? She would probably buy this in a heartbeat. With a turquoise inlay it is a lovely necklace for all fun loving moms.


 Your Mom most likely has beautiful eyes, but let's not neglect the ears - our beautiful earrings will add that extra sparkle to her face and accentuate her eyes.
Emeralds & Diamond Earrings
Emeralds and Diamonds, two classic gemstones that work best together.  Emerald is the symbol of truth and love - a true love, is the one a Mother has between herself and her child. Need we say more?
sunflower stud earrings
We bet your Mom kept telling you that you are her sunshine, but maybe it's time we give recognition and tell her the same? What better way to tell her that she's your sunshine too than with a sunflower stud earrings.
Emma Moss Agate Half moon Earrings
Moss Agates are such magical stones - each one unique and in a half moon shape, these earrings are custom cut and paired with a diamond each, making it the ultimate gift for Mom.
tiny star stud earrings
Last but not least, the tiny star studs with Diamonds and central Opal - a gift even you can borrow and that can always be handed down as future heirloom. Earring to be worn throughout generations make a thoughtful gift for Mother's day.
Whether your mom is someone who likes statement pieces or delicate and dainty ones, we have a selection of beautiful and one of a kind jewelry she will definitely love.


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