Honour your love

Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to two people, it is a joyous and fulfilling emotion that we should all treasure for a lifetime. Often we want to mark this love with a meaningful gift that the love one will wear constantly as a reminder of the special connection you both have.


A promise ring is the perfect gift to give as a symbol of commitment and is a token of how serious you take your relationship. 

Modern oval Australian opal and diamond cluster ring

A stunning modern oval Australian opal and diamond cluster ring

Promise rings are usually exchanged between lovers, as a promise to one day take it to the next step - engagement. But that is not always the rule - promise rings make a meaningful gift for best friends as well, as they essentially mean many things like I promise to always be your friend, I promise to always love you or if you gift your daughters or any other family member it could have a meaning like I will always be there for you.

delicate sapphire and diamond engagement ring

Beautiful delicate sapphire and diamond engagement ring.  

A promise ring is just that - a reminder of a promise you make to the person you love and care for.

Pretty moonstone cluster engagement

A pretty moonstone cluster engagement, mother's, or birthstone ring with sapphires and tanzanite 

We have a selection of rings that work perfectly as promise rings. If you have any custom ideas, we are more than happy to create something specially for you and your loved one, just email us at info@capucinne.com

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