Spectacular women call for spectacular rings

We are always inspired by strong and independent women around the world - whether she is a female entrepreneur, a single hardworking mom, a successful actress or a feminist on a mission to create a better world for all her fellow females, a girl boss is always an ultimate source of inspiration and motivation when the going gets tough.
As each girl boss has her own unique character we had a little fun finding the perfect match in our rings for each of our muses.
Sophia Amoruso
Sophia Amoruso

Photo Courtesy by Sophia Amoruso


The original girl boss, Sophia has been through it all  - starting a business from nothing, selling vintage clothes on E-bay to growing an empire that was Nasty Gal, coining the term #girlboss and coming full circle with empowering females around the world with the Girlboss platform. We think she deserves the royal treatment for that, so we matched her with our newest addition the spectacular 2.35ct natural light blue sapphire ring.

natural light blue sapphire ring


Gorgeous 2.35ct natural light blue sapphire ring


Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep - An American Actress

Photo: Brigitte Lacombe


Hollywood royalty, Meryl Streep is the epitome of class and grace but also strength and intelligence. Always professional without any scandal, Meryl is the kind of actress that always delivers and excels beyond measures - a legend like this deserves a sophisticated and everlasting gemstone - our delicate Marquise Deep teal Sapphire ring with side diamonds.


marquise deep teal sapphire ring with side diamonds



Marquise Deep teal Sapphire ring with side diamonds


Serena Williams

Capucinne matches Serena Williams with marques diamond ring

Photo: Priscilla Barolo


Unbeatable, Serena Williams is our inspiration for focusing on our goals and giving your very best at whatever you do. Motivating us off court to fight for our right and never to apologize for your success - you’ve earned it. And a woman as strong as Serena deserves the perfect, strong match - our stunning 0.9 carat marquise diamond ring with side diamonds.


0.9 carat marquise diamond ring with side diamond



Stunning 0.9 carat marquise diamond ring with side diamonds


Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo inspired multi gemstone ring

Photo: Nicolas Murray

Even though Frida is no longer with us, her work is a constant reminder of the strength in all women to overcome whatever life brings us, and create something beautiful and unique out of it. Her paintings and her whole persona inspired us to create this beautiful cluster ring that would definitely match her character.


Unqiue Multi Gemstone Ring with Sapphire and Diamonds



Unique multi gemstone ring with sapphires and diamonds


Michelle Obama
Capucinne recommends lavender sapphire ring for Michelle Obama

Photo: Miller Mobly

The epitome of what a FLOTUS is, Michelle is a role model you want your children to look up to. A first lady has never before been more compassionate, motivational, trendy and above all graceful and strong. The world needs more women like this, so we need to appreciate them. One way of showing our appreciation would be with this spectacular 1.67ct cushion cut lavender sapphire ring.

1.67ct lavender sapphire ring with sparkly side diamond

Stunning 1.67ct cushion cut lavender sapphire with sparkly side diamonds on leaf detailed band

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