Sunset Ring Set

One of our signature ring sets and original designs is the sapphire Sunset Ring Set.
sunset ring set
The colourful sapphires depict the beauty of the sunset on the beach that inspired this design. Light orange sapphires in a curved rose gold band represent the sun rays, which connect with the outer lines of the center ring with a larger and more intensely orange sapphire – the sun.
sunset ring set
As the night draws nearer, the sky turns dark and cold. This is represented in the colder tones of the bottom matching band made in white gold and with blue sapphires.
Blue sapphire matching band
This unique engagement ring set is suitable for women with a daring, lively style and a romantic soul. The same design with white diamonds is available as well and the set can also be made with other gemstones per your request.
diamond sunset ring set
The center ring and matching bands can be sold separately and if you already have an engagement ring and are looking for a matching band, we can adjust one or both matching bands from this set to fit you ring perfectly.
orange sapphire matching band
For more information about the set and possible custumizations, please contact our customer service team at and they will guide you through the process of ordering a custom ring and help you with any questions you might have for us.

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