Sustainable Diamonds: Why Are They Important?

The topic of sustainable diamonds has become a hot topic lately. We have to live within our means—not only for ourselves but for generations to come.

Thankfully, fine jewelry can become much more sustainable than it usually is. While it will always remain a luxury, there is definitely room for sustainable diamond engagement rings and wedding sets in the modern, conscientious lifestyle.

Let’s look at lab-grown vs mined diamonds when it comes to sustainability. It’s something that many of our customers care deeply about.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are created using special machinery that achieves the immense pressures and temperatures necessary for carbon atoms to form the lattice crystal structures that we call diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are chemically identical to mined ones and look just as good. Check out our diamond necklaces and see for yourself.

Lab diamonds are less expensive than mined diamonds and generally much more sustainable.

Figuring Out “Sustainable” Diamonds

When we think about sustainability in diamonds, there are two main factors.

The Environment

Every step of a diamond’s life before it reaches your finger has an environmental impact, especially the mining itself. Mining damages the landscape, consumes fuel and water, and creates pollution and greenhouse emissions.

Lab-grown diamonds are significantly better but require a lot of electricity to be grown, so the comparison between lab-grown vs mined diamonds depends on how clean the electricity source is.

Sustainable diamonds can still be mined, but mining companies need to practice rigorous sustainability measures.

Human Rights

Diamond mining is labor-intensive, and some mines mistreat workers to save money. This is unsustainable from a human rights standpoint. Worse, some diamond mines have been used to fund political violence.

For mined diamonds to be ethical, the mines must be humanely run and accountable to international law.

Lab-grown diamonds are typically much better about human rights, but the factory making the diamonds needs to be run to humane labor standards.

Choose Ethically Sourced, Sustainable Diamonds

At Capucinne, we offer both lab-grown and naturally mined diamonds. We work diligently to secure our gems from reputable suppliers who respect both human rights and the environment.

Therefore, when you choose Capucinne the main differences between lab-grown vs mined diamonds are that lab diamonds cost less and their environmental impact is moderately lower. 

Explore our rings and other fine jewelry today, and remember that you can fully customize any piece.

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