The Gemstone trend: Salt and Pepper diamonds

Diamonds are girls best friend, said Marylin Monroe. And she was not mistaken - for centuries diamonds were the only gemstone that represented the purest form of love put in a stone. But since this is 2019 and we are always on the lookout for new trends, there is one version of the classy diamond that has been popular in the last year and it’s called Salt and Pepper diamond.

Lorelei Diamond Ring

Lorelei ring

What exactly is a salt and pepper diamond? 

Well in order to explain, we have to clarify that most diamonds come with flaws, imperfections or inclusions. We, at Capucinne, offer the highest quality diamonds with no flaws or imperefection but we also offer those that have some inclusions - these are natural occurances that happen in the diamonds themselves. Some have larger, some have smaller inclusions and because one of them are white and the other black, they are often sprinkled over the diamond that the inclusions resemble very much like chips of salt and pepper.


Hannah ring


Hannah ring

A salt and pepper diamond ring is trending right now and is the perfect stone for those that are looking something alternative to the classical diamond engagement ring, plus it is more affordable. We at Capucinne love this kind of diamond and have it in all kind of shapes, one of our favourite is definitely the kite shape.


Gina ring


Gina Ring

Perfect as a standalone ring, the salt and pepper diamond rings can also be stacked with other rings - they look best with white or black diamonds, and set in rose gold.

Danielle ring set

We also do custom rings, so if you have anything specific in mind, we are more than happy to create the ring of your dreams, just contact us at to start the process of making your dreams a reality.

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