Valentine's Jewelry Gift Guide

This garnet heart necklace with a halo of diamonds by Capucinne makes a great Valentine's jewelry present.

Valentine's Day is coming, and for many couples in love, it's a time to show affection with a piece of romantic jewelry. We know choosing Valentine's jewelry can be stressful if you're not sure what to get, so here is a quick gift guide to help you out.

The Quick Gift: Simple Gold Necklaces

A delicate heart necklace by Capucinne makes a lovely Valentine’s jewelry present.

Our Simple Gold Necklace Collection is the first stop on our list of recommended Valentine's jewelry gifts. If you're the kind of person who doesn't want to see all the options and just wants something fast and easy right now, you won't go wrong with a gold necklace.

We craft a variety of simple gold necklaces, often featuring charms, geometric figures, and cute shapes. We have something for just about everyone who loves a nice, simple piece of gold jewelry.

Other Quick Gifts

If you're looking for Valentine's jewelry that's a little splashier than a simple gold necklace, try a necklace from our Gemstone Necklaces Collection. Or, for a more personal touch, consider a Personalized Name Necklace.

If you're looking for jewelry that can be worn on other parts of the body, check out our Earrings Collection and our Bracelets Collection.

The Thoughtful Gift: Order a Custom Piece

This Moon phases ring by Capucinne shows off the possibilities for your custom Valentine’s jewelry order.

We are a small independent jewelry studio, and we proudly design and craft all of our own jewelry right here in-house. This gives us the freedom to offer virtually unlimited jewelry customization options. Customization is a way for you to take our already-unique jewelry pieces and put your own personal touch on them. Treat your loved one to a gift of Valentine's jewelry that speaks to their very soul.

We are delighted to customize any piece we sell at Capucinne. No request is too small or too large. Whether you want to swap out a gemstone or completely change the design, the jewelry of your dreams awaits you.

Speak to a Member of Our Friendly Team

We make the customization process pretty easy, but when you're laying down good money for a piece of fine jewelry it's understandable if you have questions or just want to speak with a real person. Contact us anytime, about customizations or any other issue, and one of our designers or specialists will be happy to help you out.

The Wedding Proposal Gift: A Spectacular Engagement Ring

The Caroline is one of our most stunning pieces and as an engagement ring is the greatest of all Valentine’s jewelry gifts.

Valentine's Day is a popular time for wedding proposals. No surprise there. But what will definitely surprise your beloved is the beauty and personality of one of our spectacular Engagement Rings.

An engagement ring is the greatest of all Valentine's jewelry gifts. You simply can't top it. We are well-known for our incredible rings, which feature all of your favorite gemstones, many different design styles, and so much character.

Shop Your Price Point

If you need to spend a little less, we have many creations to share with you. Just pick the price point that works best:

We Offer 0% Interest Installment Plans

If you see any Valentine's jewelry that is a little pricey but still a must-have, we offer a payment installment plan to make it easier for you to get exactly the piece you want. There's no need to compromise when you can spread out your payments.

Happy shopping, and Happy Valentine's Day!

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