Perhaps the most classic of all fine jewelry is the necklace. Traditionally, we wear necklaces to keep something dear close to our hearts. Aside from their sentimental value, beautiful and unique necklaces can also be stunning displays of fashion and luxury.

At Capucinne our necklaces have a lot of personality to choose from: explore designs that play with color and light. Discover pieces that reveal memorable shapes and patterns. Whether you want something perfect for everyday wear, or something truly fantastic for very special occasions, we have unique necklaces with personality and lots of charm.

Customize Any Necklace

You can order customizations to any of the fine jewelry necklaces we sell. We want you to have something that’s truly one-of-a-kind and personally meaningful. No change is too big or small, whether you just want to switch out a gemstone for another one, adjust the shape or proportions of a necklace pendant, or want to work with us to conceive an entirely original piece. The customization process is super easy too. We use sketches, 3D renderings, and other tools to help you visualize your unique necklace. Add your personal touch!

Jewelry Made by Artists

We’re an independent, small jewelry studio. We do all of our unique necklaces and other jewelry in-house and are passionate about every piece. It shows in our craftsmanship, too. Love is timeless, and so is jewelry.

While our necklaces are the star of the show, you get even more benefits when you buy with us:

  • We ship all of our jewelry free and fully insured, worldwide.
  • We mitigate our environmental impact by using recycled precious metals.
  • We maintain an ethical supply chain and source only conflict-free or lab-grown gems.
  • Bonus Gift: Spend over $1,500 and get Capucinne’s signature earrings; spend over $5,000 and get a half-moon bracelet with moissanite.

Get Friendly Customer Service at Every Step

We built our business through word-of-mouth from satisfied customers, and we want you to be satisfied too. If you have any questions about our fine jewelry necklaces or would like help choosing the right piece of fine jewelry, please contact us.

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