Moonstone Rings

With a soft ethereal glow reminiscent of a moonlit night, moonstone is beloved for its delicate visual properties. Its warm blue glow has an exquisite shimmering quality similar to moonlight on a humid night. You really have to see this amazing stone in person to get a sense of how sublime this effect is. Moonstone is associated with insight, self-discovery, and emotional maturity. It is also symbolic of the creativity that comes from better understanding and accepting oneself.

It is no wonder that moonstone rings are highly sought after! We offer them in a variety of shapes, our favorite being the pear-shaped ones. A moonstone engagement ring will never disappoint, as each one has a unique and beautiful luster. Explore rainbow moonstone rings and other unique stone styles!

Rainbow Moonstones

You may also have heard of rainbow moonstone, which is actually a completely different gem from regular moonstone. Rainbow moonstone has a very similar ethereal lunar glow to moonstone, except it catches notes of color from all across the rainbow, creating a delicate opalescent look.

Rainbow moonstone rings are great for channeling feelings of transformation and calm, tapping into your nurturing energies, and finding peace and wholeness. They are a conduit for quiet contemplation, helping the wearer find clarity, build patience, achieve resolution, and better attune themselves with voices both inner and outer.

Find Your Dream Moonstone Ring at Capucinne

Whether you’re interested in a classic moonstone engagement ring or a rainbow moonstone wedding ring, our small team of artisans is here with handcrafted, ready-to-ship rings and one-of-a-kind custom designs.

It’s time to get started on a new adventure! Contact us to discuss your project by using the Chat Now feature in the bottom right corner, or send us a message to discuss what you’re looking for. We offer worldwide free insured shipping with every order.

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