Nesting Wedding Band Sets

When the time comes to make that big commitment to your partner, nothing says “special” quite like a nesting engagement and wedding ring set. A nesting ring is a type of wedding band that has a curve or chevron shape, nestled perfectly into your engagement ring, making the engagement ring look bigger and more spectacular. They form a set together, but you can wear them in any combination for greater variety: Wearing your engagement ring alone showcases the brilliance of the centerpiece gemstone—imagine a sparkling diamond ring or sapphire ring. Wearing the nesting band alone is more subdued while still being elegant. Some nesting engagement rings have two nesting bands, one on each side of the engagement ring, making a set of three.

Bring the Nesting Set of Your Dreams to Life

We have a simple philosophy with our nesting rings: We want to bring the jewelry of your dreams to life in every detail. We want you or your loved one to be able to see its wonderful light and color and wear it proud with confidence every day. Our artisans work hard to create unique designs that wow you and can’t be found anywhere else, but ultimately this is your nesting wedding band. That’s why we offer full ring customizations on any piece. We can even create new jewelry from scratch for you.

Tie the Knot with Wedding Jewelry by Capucinne

Whether it’s to be worn on your finger or your partner’s, our nesting wedding band sets are the perfect symbol of your lasting commitment. Take some time and explore our nesting engagement rings to get inspired, or check out our thousands of customer reviews to see what others say.

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