Wedding Band Rings

It’s the symbol of your union together: two people, one family. We want your wedding ring to be worthy of representing you and your love.

Here you’ll find our curated collection of wedding band rings, including stoneless, nesting, and gemstone wedding bands. From simple designs to the most ornate filigree, modern to vintage, lavish to subtle, our small team of artisans here at Capucinne has crafted an extraordinary selection of his, hers, theirs, and unisex wedding bands. You can even create your own with our guided customization process! Let your fancy free, and discover the ring of your dreams.

Looking for engagement rings? Make your proposal a big hit with a piece from our engagement rings collection!

Matching Pairs & Unisex Wedding Bands

Many happy couples want to have matching wedding band rings because it symbolizes their union. We offer many wedding band sets for you to choose from, and as with our other jewelry, you can customize one of our designs or create your own matching set with our guided customization process.

We also have standalone unisex wedding bands. Technically, any ring can be unisex, but here we are talking about rings with no gender coding so that anyone may wear them and look great doing so!

The Tradition of Wedding Rings

Wedding band rings tend to be less extravagant than engagement rings with one or more raised settings for gemstones. Traditionally, after getting married, both partners would wear their wedding bands daily, while the bride would have the option of additionally wearing her engagement ring for an extra splash on special occasions. In modern times, couples do whatever works best for them. It is increasingly common for both partners to get engagement rings, or even to skip engagement rings and just get wedding rings only. In that case, many people like to get gemstone wedding bands that are a little fancier.

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