Wedding Sets

Your future wedding ring awaits: seal your love and commitment with our gorgeous, handcrafted wedding sets!

Complete your promise to one another with a matching wedding band. At Capucinne, we have incredible engagement and wedding ring sets that offer individuality and heart. Explore our unique rings in the collections on this page, or bring your own custom wedding ring sets to life with our expert stone setters and metalworkers!

For When You Want Something Really Special

We believe that jewelry can be more than just precious metals and gemstones. We go beyond the common cuts and styles you’ll find in department stores toward something more expressive and unique. We want our wedding sets to be more than just physically beautiful: we want you and your partner to feel like they truly capture your relationship and devotion.

That’s why we offer extensive customization options, and why even the rings we’ve already made are special and rare. We want you and your beloved to have a set that will never be created again!

Find Your Dream Wedding Ring at Capucinne

Find incredible engagement and wedding ring sets, or create your own design, here at Capucinne! We offer free insured shipping worldwide.

Ready to get started? Explore the wedding sets on this page, contact us with any questions or to discuss your vision, or check out our customer reviews for other people’s take on our bespoke artisan wedding rings and custom wedding ring sets.

Discover wedding jewelry designed by you, handcrafted by us, at Capucinne!

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