Unique Bracelets

For bracelet fans who love one-of-a-kind, special finds, our unique bracelets and bangles have a personal charm: In each piece, you can see the creativity and whimsy of the individual metalworker who made it. We proudly create all of our own designs—except for the men’s and women’s custom bracelets that you design yourself! You can also personalize just about any Capucinne bracelet with a custom name, date, or short message. Whether it’s for everyday wear or a very special occasion, explore our bracelets today and find a new treasure.

Choose Capucinne for Unique Bracelets with Real Personality

We hope our designs are exactly what you’re looking for! But if you want to put your own personal touch on a piece, you can fully customize any of our unique bracelets. From swapping out gemstones to changing the shapes and patterns of the design, no change is too big or small. You can even create completely new men’s or women’s custom bracelets from your own inspirations. Our friendly crew makes the customization process easy. We’re there to provide sketches and 3D drawings so that your idea comes to life exactly as you envision it.

Get Friendly Customer Service that Leaves You Satisfied

Our reputation is built on the word-of-mouth of our satisfied customers. If you have any questions about our men’s and women’s custom bracelets, or if you want some professional advice on which kind of fine jewelry to get or which gemstones to choose, please contact us.

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