Cluster Rings

Cluster engagement rings typically feature a large central stone accented by one or more “clusters” of several smaller stones arranged together. With multiple gemstone options available, the wearer can showcase birthstones that represent their loved ones—all in one dazzling piece. Gemstone cluster rings best suit individuals or couples who cherish color and symbolism.

At Capucinne, our artisans will work with you to customize the ring of your dreams. While you can always order our premade designs, we love giving our customers creative freedom. Unlock the full potential of your engagement ring by selecting the cuts, gemstone combinations, precious metals, and other options you like best.

Why Choose Gemstone Cluster Rings?

Think of gemstone clusters as a way to add “more” to a ring without increasing the carat weight of the main stone. Cluster engagement rings and wedding rings offer the following benefits:

  • More Colors: Clusters are an opportunity to introduce additional hues to a ring. Imagine a brilliant green emerald accented by sparkling white diamonds—or a dreamy bi-color alexandrite paired with moss agate. We can add as many stones as you want, spanning the whole rainbow, but our two- and three-color gemstone cluster rings have a certain minimalist dignity to them that make them very popular.
  • More Gravitas: Clusters have the power to“frame” the main gemstone so that it doesn’t look naked or small. It’s the same reason why great paintings demand grand picture frames.
  • More Visual Interest: Besides color, cluster engagement rings present more visual appeal by combining different shapes, designs, and gemstones. Different cuts of stone can work together to create sophisticated patterns with as little or as much symmetry as you desire.

Intentional and Bespoke Engagement Rings

The beauty of a cluster ring is that it can be as flashy or as meaningful as you please. Engaged couples can incorporate their birthstones for a truly unified piece to symbolize their future. Take a few minutes to explore Capucinne’s collection of cluster engagement rings to discover enchanting pieces filled with splendor!

Ready to get started on creating your own gemstone cluster ring? Contact us today to set up a consultation!

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