Emerald Rings

Rarer than diamonds or even sapphires, peerless in its capacity to channel the human spirit, and elegant beyond measure, the emerald is perhaps the finest of all gemstones. For thousands of years it has been one of the most sought-after and beloved gems, and one of the most valuable.

Our collection of emerald rings at Capucinne is a testament to the beauty of this rare and unique stone. Whether your heart is set on a ready-to-ship emerald engagement ring, or you want to design your own with the help of our talented stone setters and metalworkers, we are committed to ensuring that you come away with a piece that sparkles and sings with the full power and allure of this extraordinary gem.

The Symbolism of Emerald

Emeralds are a symbol of eternal love, and their color is known to be confidently calming to the wearer. Emeralds also symbolize the fulfillment of potential and human excellence. When worn as a ring, the emerald connotes power, luxury, confidence, rarity, and truth.

With such rich symbolic meanings, our emerald rings are a popular choice for major milestones in a person's life or relationship. Emerald engagement rings, wedding rings, and other pieces of fine jewelry make an incredible gift for this reason.

What Are Emeralds Like?

In color, emeralds are always a radiant green. There are different shades, from yellowish-green—reminiscent of springtime—to bluish-green, which is reminiscent of evergreens and deep summer.

Nearly all emeralds are filled with tiny “inclusions,” or little filaments of other material that were present as the emerald formed. These inclusions give each emerald a truly unique appearance, even when using the most popular cuts.

When designing emerald rings, our artisans take extra care to bring out the natural qualities of the specific emerald we’re working with. These stones radiate individuality, making them a pleasure to work with.

Find Your Dream Emerald Ring with Capucinne

At Capucinne, you will find handcrafted engagement rings, wedding rings, and other fine jewelry pieces. We design and construct many rings ourselves, and also offer you the option to customize your own ring, with as few or as many personal touches as you want.

We strive to be an ethical jeweler through our use of conflict-free diamonds, recycled precious metals, and other ethical sourcing practices so that you can own jewelry that you’re proud of. Every order comes with free insured shipping, and cryptocurrencies are welcome.

Choose Capuinne for your emerald engagement ring! Explore our collection of fine emerald rings, read some customer reviews, or contact us with your questions or to discuss your custom vision

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