Lab Grown Diamond Ring Collection

Discover the beauty of a handcrafted lab diamond ring. You’ll find the perfect ring for your proposal, anniversary, or other special occasion with lab-created diamond jewelry from Capucinne. Each fine jewelry piece we make is unique and crafted right here in our small independent studio by our team of artisans. No mass production here; we believe in individuality and one-of-a-kind designs. We can craft any ring to your specifications, so let your imagination run wild with customization.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Real Diamonds

A lab-created diamond ring is indistinguishable from one that uses a diamond mined out of the earth. A lab-grown diamond has the same mineral composition, crystalline structure, and beautiful brilliance as a mined diamond, but uses immense pressure and heat that simulate the passage of geological time needed to form diamonds in the ground. Both types of diamonds use the same international diamond certifications for quality and type, and they both have the same natural variety of sizes and purity. This means you can rest assured that your lab diamond ring will be indistinguishable from a naturally mined one.

Environmentally Friendly & More Affordable

Lab-grown diamonds have a smaller ecological footprint than mined diamonds and are also more affordable. By deciding on a lab-created diamond ring, you are choosing a diamond that fits your lifestyle and values. However, we also make natural diamond rings, if you prefer. We use a diligent, ethical sourcing process for all of our mined diamonds, too. Begin crafting the diamond ring of your dreams today at Capucinne. Contact us if you need any assistance or check out our Jewelry Blog for inspiration.

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